Getting Results: Our Proven Growth Framework

At Goldrush Digital, we’ve cracked the code on architecting automated sales funnels that consistently attract new buyers and revenue for businesses on autopilot. in-depth guide walking through Goldrush Digital’s full process for building high-converting automated sales funnels:

Here’s an inside look at our proven 5-step system:

1. The Discovery Phase

Before we start building anything, we go deep into understanding your unique business through our proprietary Discovery process. This allows us to uncover your core selling advantages, differentiation factors, and what makes your ideal buyers tick.

In this phase, we conduct intake interviews, analyze your existing sales data and analytics, dive into your current marketing efforts, and develop full buyer personas. This forms the strategic foundation to design automated sequences perfectly tailored to your business.

2. The Mapping Stage

With clear strategies and buyer insights in hand, we carefully map out all the stages, touchpoints, and follow-up sequences required to nurture prospects from initial awareness all the way through to closing as customers (and turning them into raving fans).

We map the full funnel flows including email sequences, retargeting campaigns, lead magnets, sales pages, order forms and more. Using our proprietary FunnelFlow mapping framework, we design interconnected automated pathways to guide buyers based on their real-time behavior and interests.

3. The BuildOut

Now it’s time to actually build and wireframe all the funnel assets and tech infrastructure. This is where the fun begins as we bring the mapped sequences to life using cutting-edge funnel building tools.

We’ll develop all the copywriting, creative elements, landing pages, email automation sequences and more based on the mapped plans. We’ll integrate everything into your CRM, email marketing platforms, payment gateways and other required tech. The end result is a fully functional end-to-end automated sales funnel.

4. The Optimization Cycle

Even after launch, our work is far from over. We employ advanced funnel analytics and closely monitor the performance of every campaign component. Using that data, we continually run A/B split tests to iteratively optimize every aspect for maximum conversion rates.

Constant optimization and tweaking is the secret sauce to ensuring your automated funnels don’t go stale and that they continue generating improving results over time. We’ll keep refining audience targeting, ad creative, funnel flows, email copy and more.

5. The HandOff

While we can optionally keep managing your funnel promotion and optimization as an extension of your team, we take pride in comprehensively training your internal staff to eventually own the system.

We’ll transition everything over to your team including process documentation, funnel management, and analytics monitoring. You’ll have a turnkey automated sales engine that reliably feeds your business with new customers on autopilot.

That’s our full certified funnel building process! As you can see, it’s a comprehensive, data-driven approach that avoids the common pitfalls that plague funnel building for most companies. This is why clients like Chris L. achieved stellar results like doubling revenues in just 6 months.

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