5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Growth Partner

Looking to finally ditch the hustle and implement effective sales funnels to predictably generate leads and revenue around the clock? Smart move. Done right, funnel automation can be an absolute game-changer for businesses.

But with so many funnel builders and marketing agencies out there promising explosive growth, how can you filter out the posers and align with real practitioners who get tangible results?

After over a decade building high-converting sales funnels across dozens of industries, we’ve seen and heard it all. Overhyped gurus peddling outdated theory. Unqualified freelancers who create funnel “leaks” that hemorrhage revenue. Shady operations that prioritize tactics over sustainable strategies.

Don’t become another client horror story. Properly vetting your potential funnel partner is critical to achieving sales funnel mastery. Here are the 5 must-ask questions to uncover an agency’s true funnel expertise and capabilities:

1. “Describe your specific funnel optimization process in detail.”

The answer you want to hear is a comprehensive, proven system from initial discovery and mapping, all the way through building funnels, advanced analytics tracking, and a continuous optimization cycle. Major red flags are vague, high-level fluff or an obsession with “hacking” tactics vs. strategy.

2. “Can you fully integrate my existing tech stack into the funnels?”

Your CRM, email marketing tools, payment gateways, and other software need to seamlessly connect. An experienced funnel team should be able to incorporate all of your existing infrastructure versus creating new tech silos. If they lack integration skills, you’ll end up with automation chaos.

3. “Share case studies of businesses like mine you’ve worked with”

Look for specifics around your industry, revenue levels, sales cycles, and target customer profiles. A skilled funnel agency can highlight proven wins with comparable clients. Be wary of generic examples or claims they can “figure it out” with no relevant experience.

4. “Walk me through your client onboarding and training process”

The best agencies provide thorough onboarding covering everything from tech setup to data/analytics reviews to training your team. They should also have a plan to comprehensively transfer funnel ownership to you, not keep you on the perpetual hook of monthly retainers.

5. “What are the typical conversion rates and ROI your clients see?”

Don’t accept generalized bold claims. A truly skilled funnel optimization team should be able to provide real performance benchmarks on metrics like lead volumes, funnel conversion rates, CAC payback periods, and overall ROI from the engagements based on their tech tracking.

Grill prospective funnel agencies on these 5 key areas, and the pretenders will quickly get sifted out. You need to partner with full funnel professionals who have the strategic expertise AND technical execution abilities to deliver reliable automated revenue streams.

Ready to work with certified funnel masters who can walk the walk and prove it? Schedule a call with our team to explore developing your custom sales engine tailored for scalable growth.