We all have tactics; social media, or more accurately “media channels”, communication mediums to reach targeted audiences. Investing this effort in any activity without understanding its purpose, your desired outcome, or how it will help you grow your business, will only waste your limited time and resources. The proper marketing plan will tell you how to use your resources and where to place your time.

This post is aimed at helping you develop an Online Marketing Strategy that actually works; but before we go down that path, let’s make sure we’re on the same page as to why you NEED an Online Marketing Strategy.

1) You want to attract the RIGHT customer: By being able to identify who is likely to buy from you, you’re better positioned to address their concerns and score them as a customer. The challenge is going to be zeroing in on the specific topics, problems, and areas of interest that will attract potential buyers who want to contact you. Who is your ideal customer? They are the most profitable customers, the ones you enjoy working with, who’s problems you’re capable of solving.

Identifying your target customer is one of the most important things you can to ensure you’re marketing message is speaking to the right group of people.

2) You know WHERE you’re going and HOW you’re getting there: Having an Online Marketing Strategy is like having Commander Intent. Commander Intent is a stated outcome and key objective for any given engagement, so if you’re current plans fall through and things aren’t working out, you still know what the main objective is for the current engagement. By having a simple actionable strategy, you can react appropriately to the innumerable amount of opportunities confronting you every day. Having a strategy will allow you to make better decisions when caught in the gray of your day to day activities.

3) Easiest engagement possible: Your customers are going to look for the easiest thing to come across their search. With an Online Marketing Strategy, you already know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it when you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, etcetera. With having these plans laid out, you’re able to target your customer group and find what they prefer and the easiest ways to engage them; by doing this – you’ve immediately drawn them in as soon as they come across your search in their search engines. Effectively drawing in your desired customer type, thanks to Online Marketing Strategy.

Having an online marketing strategy is incredibly important. Not only will it increase your business but guide it in the proper direction for growth and improvement. As a successful entrepreneur, this is the path you’re going to want to take if you want the best possible marketing results available to your business.