Marketing automation is a strong tool for businesses that want to go into online digital marketing. If marketing automation is incorporated in the right way by businesses into the marketing strategy, it can lead to a high return on investment and more profit for the business. However, marketing automation tools can be very expensive especially for startup businesses that are not generating any income yet.

The price of some automation tools like HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot are up to $ 3,000 / month. This can be very expensive for marketing teams to carry out a proper strategic plan for a business.

Of course, there is cheaper automation software like Infusionsoft but even spending $ 100 on an automation tool can be difficult especially when you have no money coming in.

It is now possible to have a marketing automation tool for your business at no cost and with great possibilities and features. Yes, I said it. At no cost

How to Build Your Marketing Automation Tool with Free Tools

A marketing automation software has so many tools that have been integrated for the systematic performance of the software. Let me take you through some of the features and the functions of the basic tools of automation software.

  1. Content Management System (CMS) :
    You can now edit web pages of your site easily without the use of any code or technical knowledge. Content Management System allows you to do that. It acts as the brain of your site and it takes care of all the technical processes.
    Word press is a content management system. It is free and it is open source, this means that many people are working on it to improve tit and make it bug-free. It has great templates, themes, plugins, extensions, and widgets that suite your business style. It is easy to install and operate. This is the reason why almost half of the internet uses it. It is on the content management system that every business owner should go for.
  2. Automation Email Shipping :
    One marketing strategy that helps to generate leads and deliver the right messages to the right customer at the right time. Email marketing automation takes care of this. Most results are gotten from email marketing automation compared to television advertising. This is why it is very important to automate your email strategy.
    MailChimp is a free email marketing automation tool. It works for a business that has less than 2000 customers in your email list and it allows you to send 12000 emails per month. It can be easily incorporated with WordPress. It also has an automatic reply feature, but this feature is not compulsory at first and it costs $10 every month.
  3. Analytics :
    Marketing automation involves data and this is why a tool for analyzing data is required. Google Analytics is one of the data analysis tools used in marketing automation. It generates information that is very useful in showing the level of the success of the is very easy and fast to install and it can be monitored from your WordPress with a tracking code. The information it generates shows how many people visit your site, what they viewed or downloaded, how they got to the site, and so on.
    Google Analytics is a tool that can be used by startups, small businesses, and billion-dollar companies. You can also install a tool along with google analytics called mixed panel to get more features and performance.
  4. Management of Social Networks:
    It is not easy to manage social media channels for a business when it comes to marketing, especially for startup businesses. It is very important to share the content of your business on social media channels through an automated software tool. This is because a software tool automatically programs the sharing of content on social media which is good practice.
    An example of such software is buffer or Hootsuite. They provide a single platform for automatically posting content on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. You can choose the days and times you want the content to be published and you can save content in advance. It is also possible to monitor the results of the content posted such as how many people viewed, clicked, and visited your website through that post.
  5. A / B Testing Landing Page:
    A / B testing is done to test two different versions of a web page for the most optimal page or the best page. Google Analytics is a tool that is used to carry out this test. Google Analytics is free and it is great to work with.
  6. Putting the pieces together:
    We have discussed several tools that make up the marketing automation software. For the software to be easily managed, you need a tool that integrates or combines all the other tools together to form a system of working tools. WordPress contains plugins that do the integration and allow communication among all the tools.

Since automation software like Hubspot and InfusionSoft cost some amount of money to set up, then we can say it isn’t bad to set up your own marketing automation software by integrating all the software tools together.

However, some features like lead scoring which is found in Hubspot does not exist in WordPress. Also, analysis of unknown visitors, search engine optimization does not exist in WordPress. Hubspot offers these functionalities at no cost.

Automating your marketing process is very easy. If you need help, Goldrush can help you.